Rappid™ Spur Offs


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  • Product Overview:
    • Spur offs are adaptors which allow you to connect components with different core values for a continuation of Rappid™ throughout your vehicle.
  • Warranty: 3 Years
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The options available for this product are summarised below.

TITLE 3-2 Way Adaptor 6-2 Way Adaptor - Stop 6-2 Way Adaptor - Tail 6-2 Way Adaptor - Reverse 6-3 Way Adaptor - Side Marker / Indicator 6-4 Way Adaptor - Stop / Tail / Indicator 6-2 Way Marker Light Feed for Rappid System - Left Hand Side 6-2 Way Marker Light Feed for Rappid System - Right Hand Side Spur Off with Marker and Brake Light Outputs Spur Off with 3rd Brake Light Output Spur Off with Marker Light Output
PART NUMBER LH3-2 LH6-2S LH6-2T LH6-2W LH6-3 LH6-4 LHK6-2L LHK6-2R PBLE-01 PBLE-02 PBLE-03

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