V100 Series R65 LED Lightbar - Amber


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  • Product Overview:
    • Optimised electronics for minimal current draw.
    • Multiple flash patterns, steady burn cruise light and low power night function to meet ECE R65 Class II.
    • Customisation options include alley lights, stop / tail / indicator modules, illuminated centre.
    • Modular design makes it serviceable in the field. Modules can be swapped easily if needed.
    • Supplied with an adjustable mounting bracket, meaning the lightbar can be positioned parallel to the ground even on angled roofs.
    • Polycarbonate lens and base, aluminium housing.
    • Comes in amber as standard. Can be supplied in other colours including blue, red and white.
    • Can be supplied with waterproof connectors, including Superseal.
    • Available in four lengths.
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Approvals: ECE R10, R65 Class 2, SAE Class 1, CAP168.
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The options available for this product are summarised below. For a detailed specification download the Product Technical Specification.

TITLE R65 LED Lightbar - Amber, 719mm R65 LED Lightbar - Amber, 1235mm R65 LED Lightbar - Amber, 1493mm R65 LED Lightbar - Amber, 1751mm
PART NUMBER WS2146 WS214601 WS214602 WS214603
VOLTAGE (V) DC 10-30 10-30 10-30 10-30
CURRENT DRAW (AMPS) 4.8A @ 12V, 2.4A @ 24V 7.2A @ 12V, 3.6A @ 24V 9.6A @ 12V, 4.8A @ 24V 9.6A @ 12V, 4.8A @ 24V
CABLE LENGTH (MM) 5000 5000 5000 5000
CONNECTORS None None None None
LIGHT COLOUR Amber Amber Amber Amber
LENS COLOUR Clear Clear Clear Clear
LENGTH (MM) 719 1235 1493 1751
HEIGHT (MM) 125 125 125 125
DEPTH (MM) 304 304 304 304
WEIGHT (KG) 6.84 10.87 13.37 15.05

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