Our expertise is in designing and manufacturing quality lighting solutions.

Whether you're looking for someone to design a new light from scratch, or already have a concept and need help with developing it into a fully functional, legal and manufacturable product, we can help.

Designer at desk

Designed for quality

As a Tier 1 supplier, we hold IATF 16949 certification. Our Design & Development process uses IATF core tools. 

Technical drawing

Designed for Manufacture

Our team are experts in designing for manufacture. This means that we can design a product in a way to reduce its manufacturing costs as well as iron out any issues during the design stage. For each project we consider the volumes and manufacturing process in order to optimise the design, raw materials, tolerances and finishing of the product.

Our UK based production site is VCA Conformity of Production certified. We have invested heavily in the latest technologies enabling us to manufacture consistent high-quality products, efficiently. 

Lighting product

Designed for you

Before we start, we spend time understanding your brand, your vehicle, your customers and your competitors, looking at what you are trying to achieve. This is so we can design lighting that not only looks good, but that meets the needs of the end user and fits your brand.

Our lighting helps to give your vehicles a unique identity, inside and out, not only complementing the vehicle design, but enhancing it. For interiors, we look at using lighting layers, lighting effects, colour and colour temperature to create the desired look and feel.


Our team of mechanical, electrical and optical design engineers work together to design road, warning, military, exterior and interior lighting. We work with any project from low volume speciality vehicles through to large scale production.

Whether we are designing our own new product, or something bespoke for a client, we follow the same robust process.

The first step is to understand your project aims and what you're trying to achieve. We’ll also get to know your brand, customers, competitors and the product requirements and create a plan. 

During this stage we’ll brainstorm and sketch out some ideas and determine the direction that best satisfies the brief. We’ll then select which concept we want to take forwards.

Here, we’ll use our expertise to develop the concept into a full working prototype. We’ll develop a light that is functional, high-quality, visually appealing, legal and manufacturable.

At this review stage, we’ll validate the design before heading into production. We’ll kick off tooling and produce samples and determine the testing and certification that’s required.

We’ll undertake type approval and environmental testing. This process guarantees that our products meet the relevant regulations, and that they're robust and built to withstand the elements. 

The product will be handed over from Design to our Production team. We’ll inspect the first batch to ensure the product is as it should be. Then we move on to series production.

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