Create fully waterproof electrical connections around your vehicle in seconds with our modular Rappid™ cables and connectors.

Key Benefits

Save Time and Money

> Simple to fit with no hard wiring or specialists needed.
> Readily available stocked parts.
> Reduces production bottlenecks.
> Low replacement costs and shorter lead times.
> Reduced vehicle downtime for your customer.

High Quality & Waterproof

> IP67 rated making it totally protected against the elements.
> Superseal connectors.
> 3 year warranty.

Modular Solution

> Replace only the parts you need, not the entire system.
> A range of cable lengths available.
> Unique Venta T-Piece connectors.
> Industry standard cable connectors.
> Connectors and cables are available in 2, 3 or 6-way options.
> Compatible with any lighting product.


Rappid offers a fully waterproof modular system which is a simple, quick and cost-effective alternative to hard wiring. In fact, each connection takes just over 2 seconds - that’s over 12,000 connections in a single eight hour shift!

It’s high quality too, so far our customers have already fitted over a quarter of a million Rappid connections with no reported failures! 

Download our Rappid™ Catalogue


T-Piece Connectors

Unique to Venta, our Rappid T-piece Connectors provide a totally waterproof three direction junction which allows you to connect additional cable runs.

Available in 2-way, 3-way and 6-way variants to suit different functions.

View Rappid™ T-Piece Connectors

Rappid connector


We have a range of multi-core cables with industry standard, pre-terminated Superseal connectors at each end to ensure water-tight electrical connections around your vehicle. 

Available in different lengths and cores to ensure the perfect fit for your application.

View Rappid™ Cabling

Rappid cabling

Extension Looms

We offer 1 metre, waterproof extension looms suitable for a range of different chassis, so you can extend your rear lighting loom if required.

View Rappid™ Extension Looms

Extension loom

Rear Light Cluster Adaptors

Use a Rear Light Cluster Adaptor to connect the Rappid™ system to your vehicle’s existing loom system.

View Rappid™ Rear Light Cluster Adaptors

Rear Light Cluster Adaptors

Marker Light Pick Up Connectors

Add a marker light pick up connector to connect the Rappid™ system to your vehicle’s existing loom system.

View Rappid™ Marker Light Pick Up Connectors

Marker Light Pick Up Connectors

Spur Offs

Spur offs are adaptors which allow you to connect components with different core values for a continuation of Rappid throughout your vehicle.

View Rappid™ Spur Offs

Spur off
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