We work with manufacturers of motorhomes, caravans, campervans and horseboxes to design LED lighting to create the perfect environment.


We've picked some of our top leisure vehicle interior lighting tips, products and more, and curated them into a brochure specifically for the leisure sector.

caravan interior


Interior lighting decisions often come at the end of the design process. But lighting has a dramatic effect on the overall look and feel of a space. When considered as part of the overall vehicle design phase the results can be amazing. At Venta, we work with clients in the leisure sector to design lighting that brings their vehicles to life. 

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Case study

Coachman Caravans are a large UK caravan and motorhome manufacturer well-known for their reputation of high quality and well-designed builds. We have worked in close in partnership since 2013 to design lighting that ensures the highest quality possible and enhances the luxury feel of their vehicles.

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caravan interior

Leisure vehicle lighting

At Venta, we've designed a whole range of interior lighting for the leisure sector to bring your vehicles to life. 

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Value Add Services

We're all about helping our customers and making things as easy as possible. In addition to lighting, we offer services that add value for you. 


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Our Products

Take a look at our full product range or see what we have to offer in each category.

Venta are a forward thinking and progressive supplier to the Leisure Vehicle Industry, we have worked in partnership with them for many years, including the development of a few products which now form part of their standard offering. They are very responsive and customer focused and give exceptional service at all times.

Coachman Caravans

Purchasing Director
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