Our Warranty+ fixes your costs and removes the uncertainty of aftersales warranty claims.

What is it?

In addition to our standard offering of free parts to replace faulty products, we will also cover the labour cost at a rate of £25/hr.


  1. A small monthly amount paid by direct debit and invoiced annually covers all your purchases with an unlimited number of claims in that period. No minimum or maximum spend applies the price stays the same no matter how many products you buy from us!
  2. In the event of a suspected product failure, contact our Customer Care Team on 01962 884444 or hello@venta.global who will provide you with an RMA number and arrange for a replacement part to be despatched.
  3. Once the faulty part has been replaced, complete our Warranty+ claim form, providing the travel time and labour time spent replacing the product.
  4. Return the faulty part to Venta together with the RMA number.
  5. Once the faulty part has been received, Venta will inspect it to ensure it meets the criteria for warranty cover. A credit note will then be issued.


To be eligible for Warranty+ cover, products must be fitted with an industry-standard connector. If the product is mounted in an area susceptible to damp or water ingress it must be an industry-standard waterproof connector with an IPX7 or IPX9 waterproof rating.

Available in the UK only.

Warranty+ is an annual contract of 12 months, payable either as a one-off amount annually or monthly in 12 equal instalments, by direct debit. You can opt-out at any time and continue to receive cover until the end of the 12-month period. The cover automatically renews for a further 12 months unless you cancel prior to the renewal, and covers all products purchased from Venta during each 12 month period.

To meet our warranty criteria, the product failure must be attributable to Venta. Warranty+ does not cover damage or installation error.

Signing up to Warranty+ does not affect your rights under our standard warranty terms & conditions.

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