We can help you analyse your production processes to identify opportunities for faster fitment.

We can supply any of our standard products pre-terminated so that you can simply click everything into place without any hard wiring.

Alternatively, if you need a different cable length or something else adapting on one of our products. Let us know and we'll see how we can help.


Create waterproof electrical connections around your vehicle in seconds with our modular Rappid™ cable and connector system.

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Some pre-terminated products

Case study

Based in the UK, Acklea are specialists in designing, building and supplying traffic management vehicles and equipment including crash cushions, light arrows, sign boards and warning lights.

Discover how we helped streamline their build process and get more vehicles out the door to their customers whilst maintaining safety, performance and durability.

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How to Tackle Three Costly Challenges with Plug & Play

Many body and trailer manufacturers are facing costly challenges ranging from chassis shortages to price increases. Turning orders around quickly and cheaply to maximise profits can be essential. Here’s our recommendations on how to tackle those challenges by streamlining your lighting installation.

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Our Products

Take a look at our full product range or see what we have to offer in each category.

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