The last few years have taken a toll on many industries worldwide, particularly due to the Coronavirus pandemic which caused widespread shutdowns and disrupted supply chains. Many body and trailer manufacturers are facing several additional challenges which are costing time and money.

Here we discuss the top three current costly challenges in the body and trailer sector, plus our recommendation on how you can streamline your lighting installation and maximise profits. 



Due to the global shortage of component parts, there is a world-wide shortage of chassis availability. As a result, many body and trailer manufacturers are experiencing high levels of back-orders they’re unable to fulfil.

Once the chassis arrives, orders need to be turned around urgently but hard wiring lighting can be time consuming and costly, delaying getting the vehicles out the door.


Current market conditions have driven up the costs of raw materials over the past few months meaning businesses will have their profit margins reduced as a result.  

Un-economical lighting products reduce profits further, particularly if they have high replacement costs or high lead times resulting in increased vehicle downtime for you or your customer.


Repercussions of the raw material price increases also means wages are set to rise within the next 12 months.

Hiring electrical specialists can be expensive, particularly when wiring is complex and time consuming to fit.


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Considering the issues currently affecting the body and trailer sector, saving time and money can be essential to ensure orders are turned around as quickly and cheaply as possible to maximise profits.

As a lighting manufacturer, we understand that fitting lighting can be both time demanding and expensive.

To solve this, we recommend Rappid®. A modular plug and play system comprising of connectors, cables and adaptors which eliminates the need to hard wire individual lighting products, saving you time and money. Here’s how!


Our Rappid cabling and lights are supplied pre-terminated with Superseal connectors, so you can plug the lights straight into the Rappid wiring system instead of hard wiring them in.

Hard wiring can be a lengthy task, so using Rappid speeds up the process and allows you to get more vehicles through your production line, ultimately helping you to increase your sales revenue.

Using Rappid is so quick in fact, each connection takes just over two seconds – that’s over 12,000 connections in a single eight-hour shift!


Unlike other loom systems, all Rappid components are available off the shelf (including cabling!) so we can get parts to you quickly.

We also supply cables in a range of different lengths which means you won’t have to wait for cables to be cut to the right length or be required to cut these to size yourself.

Getting products supplied quickly can also help reduce your customer’s vehicle downtime and get their vehicles back on the road as fast as possible.


The simplicity of Rappid means lights can be fitted without the help of a specialist electrician which can be costly.

Due to the speed of Rappid, it will also take fewer people (or less hours) to get the same number of vehicles out the door. This means you can reduce your labour costs or use the extra time to focus on other profitable tasks and increase your profit margins.

In addition to saving you time and money, Rappid has a whole range of other benefits! Discover more about the benefits and different components available on our Rappid product page, or get in touch with our Sales team who will happily talk you through it.

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