We partner with forward thinking and progressive vehicle and machinery manufacturers, to create quality lighting solutions that deliver genuine benefit.

  • We thrive on making the impossible possible. Our team loves to find solutions. Whatever you’re looking for; a new product, faster fitment, a different size or better light output, throw us the challenge and we’ll get cracking!

  • We provide off the shelf products and can tailor our products for your application. But when the ordinary just won’t do, our expertise really lies in designing and manufacturing quality solutions from scratch.

  • Isn’t it wonderful when you meet people who say “Absolutely, we can do that”? Our refreshing, friendly approach of keeping things simple and doing things quickly is what helps deliver genuine benefit to our customers.

Why choose Venta?

When asked how satisfied our customers are with their experience of Venta, 93% claim they're satisfied or very satisfied!

On average our customers rate their experience with us over 4.6 out of 5 stars. Most say this is because of our excellent customer care!

In addition to our IATF 16949 certification, we've been recognised by PACCAR as one of their 10 PPM suppliers. This means we've met their criteria for parts and components to achieve 10 PPM quality or higher. 

Our dedicated customer care team work hard to answer your calls as quickly as possible so you're not kept waiting. On average this is just 4 seconds! 

Our Products


Create waterproof electrical connections around your vehicle in seconds with our modular Rappid™ cable and connector system.

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We work with all types of vehicle manufacturers and converters.

Why we're different

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Venta has been built on a desire to solve problems and help companies achieve their goals. We create solutions that deliver genuine benefit. Our team innovates new lighting solutions every day.

We work on projects of all sizes, from bespoke solutions to high volume production. Our flexible and scalable approach means we can adapt quickly if things change.                     

We always give honest advice. If something isn’t going to work, we’ll say. We form long-lasting partnerships with our clients and create solutions that set them apart from their competition.

Our owners have been here from the start. They’re at the heart of our values and are embedded in the day to day. The success of our clients’ projects means a lot to the people at Venta.                       


Venta will work with us to make sure that not only we as their customer are ok, but our customers are too.

Mackworth Vehicle Conversion Specialists

Electrical Team Leader

Venta are always ready to help and solve problems.

Worldwide Recovery Systems

Purchasing Manager

I have spoken with Venta on several occasions and have always had a clear response and helpful conversation. My first order was shipped promptly and was just as ordered.

Camper King Ltd

Supply Chain Manager
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