Are you looking for a robust LED scene light with powerful area illumination? Ezio is your answer.

With a daylight colour temperature providing maximum visibility, Ezio is designed to be mounted on the side or back of vehicles to illuminate the surrounding area and provide a safe working environment. It can also be mounted underneath a vehicle for extra visibility while manoeuvring. It has a powerful light output of 1,750 raw lumens and 1,100 lux at 1 metre.

Ezio has been designed to blend into your vehicle, with its sleek curved design and hidden heatsink. Being powder coated also means the cover can be any colour, for example white, black, ambulance yellow or fire engine red.

Ezio has been designed with a flexible PCB which provides ultra-wide light spread. This means fewer units are needed to achieve the same result, saving you time and money. The aluminium housing and the protruding lip protects the lens, reducing the chance of breakages, ultimately saving the cost and hassle of replacements.

Ezio LED Scene Light Back

The glue sealed unit with a breathable valve and potted cable exit gives Ezio its IP69K rating. And we air pressure test every unit to guarantee the integrity of the seal. Ezio is supplied with an optional rubber gasket to provide a tight seal to the vehicle.

Our Ezio plinth can be used when fixing the light to an angled surface, to give the same 45 degree mounting position. Ezio is supplied with a 5 year warranty. 

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