Are you looking for energy-efficient headlights which are built to last? Meet the RL15 Series!

Featuring a low current draw and efficient LED technology, these single bolt mount headlights use less energy than traditional headlights while delivering ultimate visibility.

They include four functions: high beam, low beam, a signature dotless position light and an indicator, all neatly housed within an appealing angular shape.

Their advanced thermal design reduces the temperature on the LEDs, increasing the longevity of the product. And the robust aluminium housing and polycarbonate lens offers ultimate protection from any bumps and scrapes. 

Designed for a range of applications, this single bolt headlight series offers two mounting options at either the base or rear of the lamp.

It's dual voltage and comes in both ECE and SAE approved versions, with left and right-hand drive variants also available.

Each headlight is pre-terminated with a Deutsch connector for hassle-free installation.

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