We are happy to introduce you to SideBlazer – our new innovative numberplate warning light.

> Ultra slimline design – The SideBlazer’s ABS injection moulded design is super slim at a mere 22mm.
> Cable tidy – Prevents wires getting tangled or being visible, and makes for an easier fitting process.
> Curved version available – We have developed a unique version which uses a flexible housing. This ensures that it bends to the exact radius of your vehicle, delivering a seamless aesthetic.
> Covert version – Our best-selling VX180 lightheads are the star of this product. E-marked, dual voltage and available with our expert covert coating.
> Cost effective – The SideBlazer is sturdy, cost-effective, has a variety of optional extras and comes with a 3 year warranty to give you peace of mind.

Find out more about SideBlazer

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