We're all in this together

Let’s face it, everyone is going through tough times somehow or other, and nothing is ‘normal’ for anyone right now.

So, we thought we’d just share some of the things that have helped Team Venta to keep going

Whilst we are sat at home, why not visit some of our dream destinations virtually!




Try creating a restaurant experience at home!

London Restaurant Searceys have a whole load of food and drink recipes to help you create a fine dining experience.

Oh and, we couldn’t resist sharing these wine tips with you too so you can pair the right one with your meal!

Most of us are having to cut back at the moment, so we thought we’d share some tips we’ve picked up…

> Put a time limit on showers
> Try to sell any unwanted items
> Get a mortgage holiday

We hope you all enjoy trying out some new things at home.

Stay safe and keep smiling!

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