Swedish vehicle manufacturer Alstor are renowned for their high quality and environmentally friendly production of forestry machinery including forwarders, harvesters and combi-machines. Produced in Sweden, they’ve sold over 1300 machines worldwide. 


As Alstor embarked on the development of their new Alstor 850 series, their ambition was to elevate their machinery by taking a step towards state-of-the-art, fully professional machines in a minimalist way.

They were eager to create a vehicle design that would be cutting edge, stylish and modern to reflect the technological advancement in their vehicles.


Alstor recognised the potential of our Blade Series 3 LED Angled Low Beam Headlight which offers a modern and innovative alternative to traditional round headlights, and they approached Venta to find out more.

We initiated a meeting with Alstor to gain a deeper understanding of their needs and ensure that Blade would align with their specific requirements. We then shared a CAD file with their team, enabling them to experiment and trial the integration of this lighting solution into their designs.

Blade’s narrow design measuring just 40mm in height was ideal for integrating into their vehicles, providing a contemporary feel that enhanced the overall appearance of their machines.

Not only did this low-profile design enhance the vehicle’s aesthetics, but combined with the toughened outer lens it additionally reduced the risk of getting damaged in the rugged forest environments where the vehicles operate.

Furthermore, equipped with the latest generation of projector optics, the Blade series delivers outstanding light output and spread, significantly improving visibility for the operators of these vehicles.


Alstor were pleased with what Blade had to offer and integrated the product into their first batch of Alstor 850 Combi Machines and Alstor 850H Harvesters which were unveiled in September.

With considerable early interest from industry in the new models, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to provide further lighting solutions for Alstor’s future productions.

It was noticed early on that Venta has extensive experience in starting new customer projects. They are customer focused and provide a very professional service.

Alstor AB

Design Engineer
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