ECE Regulation No. 48 applies to the installation of lighting and light-signalling devices on vehicles in categories M and N and to their trailers, O. This Insights article highlights some of the changes that have come into effect with ECE Regulation No. 48.08 that affect the side direction indicator requirements and how flashing the side markers can assist with this. 

The current regulation requires all passenger and goods vehicles to have at least two side direction indicator (SDI) lamps on the vehicle as standard. These must be either category 5 or category 6 depending on the vehicle category and length.

Additional signal devices must also be used depending on vehicle category and length.

The Regulation has been amended so that for these additional signal devices (not the standard requirements stated above), amber side marker lights can be flashed and used as SDIs. This means you don’t need additional SDIs or side markers with SDI function. You can simply install a flasher unit to connect your amber side marker lights to your vehicle’s direction indicators and turn your side markers into SDIs! This reduces the number of lamps needed, saving money and installation time!

More details on the regulation requirements can be found in the table at the bottom of this page.


Our side marker flasher unit is dual voltage and is pre-terminated with Tyco chassis connectors and two-way Superseal connectors on the marker light feeds for a simple plug and play solution, saving you more time and money!


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