It’s no secret that prices have been steadily increasing over the past several years and labour costs are no exception. Combined with rising consumer expectations for quick turnarounds and an unpredictable flow of vehicles coming into your production facility, reducing your labour times can be key to getting vehicles out the door quickly without affecting your profit margins.

Imagine a typical van fitout with a lightbar, four lightheads, two worklamps and a selection of interior lighting. You’ll often find that the vehicle can be passing through your workshop at a high pace, but then gets delayed in your electrical bay due to the complexity of lighting installation.

We understand that this bottleneck can be costly and prevents you from getting vehicles to your customers quickly. So what can you do to speed this up? Here we share our top three tips to optimise your labour times and costs, and free up your auto electricians to work on more profitable and complex tasks.


Accumulating all the different parts you need for a project can be a hassle which is prone to error and can lengthen your picking times, particularly on large scale vehicle conversions.

With our pre-kitting service, we can supply your parts in kits delivered straight to your vehicle production line.

Each kit features its own part number, so all you need to do is order your custom kit using a single part number and we’ll do the rest. This value-add service simplifies your inventory management, increases your production line efficiency and cuts your chance of picking errors dramatically.

Plug and Play

One of the most labour-intensive elements of lighting installation is in fact the hard wiring itself.

As an alternative, we’ve created Rappid®. Rappid offers a fully waterproof, modular plug and play wiring system which is simple to fit with no hard wiring or costly specialists needed. Instead, anyone can simply plug the lights straight into the Rappid system and you’re ready to go, freeing up your electricians to focus on more complex tasks.

With Rappid’s unique T-Piece connectors, each connection takes just over two seconds, that’s over 12,000 connections in a single eight hour shift! This significant labour saving helps reduce your electrical bottlenecks and ensures you can get vehicles out on the road as fast as possible.

Pre-set flash patterns

Cycling through numerous flash patterns on every warning light you fit can be a tedious and time-consuming process, adding hours to your production times. By simply purchasing your lighting pre-configured to your required flash pattern, you can eliminate this task entirely.

Instead, here at Venta we can put the work in for you, supplying our lightheads, lightbars, beacons and more all pre-set to your chosen flash pattern so the lights are ready for you to install on arrival.

For an additional time saving, we can also add a connector onto the lamp. Whether it's a Rappid Superseal or another connector of your choice, having your warning lights supplied pre-set to your required flash pattern and ready to plug straight into your vehicle will undoubtedly create a faster and cost-effective vehicle fitout.

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