Isabella LED Downlight

Our recessed Isabella downlight has a frosted lens which provides a dotless light output and low glare levels. A shallow product, at just 19.5mm in depth, Isabella can be mounted where there is not much space behind the surface. Warm white and cool white versions are available. 

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Isabella downlight

Helayna Compact LED Downlight

A compact recessed downlight, Helayna can be used as task lighting or accent lighting, to highlight a particular feature of an interior. Cool white and warm white versions are available. 

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Cassandra LED Ceiling Light

A ceiling light to provide general interior lighting, Cassandra provides a dotless, low glare light output. It's unique halo design and contemporary mix of a matte white lens and chrome housing, makes it a great feature light. Waterproof and switched options are available. 

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AU.06 LED Interior Lamp

A dotless, slimline range of LED interior lighting. These Reg. 10 approved ultra-slim, dual voltage LED lamps provide an excellent dotless light output making them an ideal solution for campervan conversions. Switched and door switched options are available. 

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Davina Console LED Mood Light

Colour, used carefully, can enhance an interior environment well. Low level, low power accent lines could add an interesting dimension to a vehicle for example. Designed as a console light, Davina can also be used as a mood light  to add a splash of colour to an interior.

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console light

LED Strip lighting

Strip lighting is a versatile way of lighting vehicle interiors and can be used in a range of applications. It can be in different lighting layers such as ambient lighting and mood lighting to create effects such as wall washing and perimeter lighting. Flexible strip lighting is available in a range of colours and can be cut to length. Dotless options are also available. 

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strip lighting

AU.02 LED Service Light

Our service light can be used as an awning light or to illuminate a locker area. Nicely designed with a slimline design and curved edges, our service light also produces a dotless light output. The service light is surface mounted and has a recessed channel on the rear to allow for varying cable exits.

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Step Edge LED Lighting

Our aluminium step edge lighting protects the edge of the flooring while illuminating the walking area. Usually installed on steps, this product has a side emitting flexible strip in a waterproof housing. It also has black anti slip tape for extra safety. It's available in 2m lengths or can be cut to size. 

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Ezio LED Scene Light

For horseboxes, Ezio provides powerful area illumination to the area surrounding the vehicle. It is designed to be mounted on the side or back of vehicles and provide a safe working environment. Colour options are available and it can be mounted with or without a plinth. 

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caravan interior


Interior lighting decisions often come at the end of the design process. But lighting has a dramatic effect on the overall look and feel of a space. When considered as part of the overall vehicle design phase the results can be amazing.

Learn how to plan lighting layers and effects, colour temperature, colour, glare and shadowing to create the desired look and feel.

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